Friday, August 8, 2008

The Travel Life

(A poem by Daughter #1)

on't have a home

'Til nine days ends,

Play with relatives

And make new friends.

McDonald's for lunch

Every day,

Fries and a shake

And a yogurt parfait

In the car
For a million hours,

No time to stop

And smell the flowers.

The "Travel Life"
Can be fun,

But we'll be glad
When the trip is done.

(Not our Swedish wagon, but it might as well be. See? No "Check break light." Hubby fixed it! Now, we have to figure out what's wrong with our GPS. Let's just say we had a few "adventures" out there on the road.

But, all in all, so far, so fun!)


The Patterson 5 said...

I love your daughter's poem! My kids love the McDonalds lunch part! May your travels be safe and fun!

Chatty Kelly said...

D#1 is such a smartie. She is gifted in writing...not unlike her mom.

Have fun, be safe.

Coffee date when you get home!

My ADHD Me said...

Talent must run in the family. What a great poem!!

As for the GPS, at least a non-working GPS is better than non-working brakes!!! (of course when you're using it and THINKING that it's working---but it isn't----sounds like a whole new post to me!)

Be Safe!