Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Science Museum

(Another poem from D#1,
inspired by our visit to the Science Museum of Boston)
Simple machines and simulators,
Butterflies and alligators,
The human body from foot to face,
Communication and outer space,
Illusions and, according to lists,
There's some stuff that we have missed.
In 16 seconds, someone dies,
Here's a blood scale--give it a try.
Baseball, light and even mirrors,
And yet there's more...
Wish you were here.
* * *
We're on the road again today.
The J (Jersey) Girls are headed for other points south.
The sun is shining, the temperatures are cool.
Enjoying the last few days of vacation "on the road."
(And SO pleased to have a back-up blogger in residence!
Royalties payable in ice cream....)


The Patterson 5 said...

Daughter #1 is quite the poet! Seems there are two writers in the J family! Have a safe trip back down south!

Chatty Kelly said...

Keep making memories!! Sounds like a wonderful trip!

Miss ya!

My ADHD Me said...

She's a VERY good poet! Maybe she should blog!