Sunday, September 21, 2008

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Dad's birthday was yesterday. He got all of these great E-postcards from us. Thought we'd share them all in one bundle for easier viewing (and forwarding, OK, Dad! Go for it!!).

By the way, my Dad loves to make scones. That's important information to me.

Roll 'em!!

Love ya!

(This is a park in my hometown where my sisters and I played softball--Go Leo!)

Can't forget dessert! 71-derful flavors!!

* * *

Dad had the best topper of the night, though:

"You must be exhausted from leaving no scone unturned !!!"

(Still always manages to get in the last word.)


Chatty Kelly said...

I love it! I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Happy Birthday Sue J's dad!

Truth4thejourney said...

This is great! I'm glad you have a fun Dad. I think Kelly meant, the scone doesn't fall far from the tree. He He!

The Patterson 5 said...

Very fun! I hope your Daddy had a great birthday!

Edie said...

LOL!! I love this Sue J. You certainly have a very creative family. Happy Birthday to your Dad!!

KelliGirl said...

Hi Sue,
I love scones too! Thanks for sharing the cartoons. Hope your Dad had a very happy day.

My ADHD Me said...

The Rolling Scones...Too Funny!

Happy Birthday Sue's Dad!

Jeff and Valerie Carr said...

Thanks for stopping by! (I'm so excited to have all these new blog friends!)

I attended MOPS when I lived in the states, and looked into finding a chapter here in Spain (because I LOVED, LOVED my MOPS group) but alas there are none.

Our Salvation Army church does host a "Mums and Tots" play group for British expatriates in our area. So, I do get contact (thankfully) with other mothers in my area.

Bonita said...

Obviously, he was born in the Scone Age.

As a lover of all things tea-related I can appreciate such humor. Way funny!

Bonita said...

P.S. Would "Dad" care to share any of his scone recipes on your blog?

Sue J. said...

Actually, all--and especially Bonita--we bought Dad several varieties of scone mix from the King Arthur Flour people, which is his favorite source for mix.

But, Dad being Dad, he likes to throw in his own "adds," chocolate or white chips, Craisins, etc. Sometimes things bake up OK and sometimes Dad says they aren't so good. He has the fancy scone pan, too, which is a plus!

We actually did have quite a few "Scones" we could have mentioned: Oliver Scone, Sharon Scone, former pole vaulter Dwight Scones, former Cubs broadcaster/player Steve Scone, Sconey Island and the Smithsconian, among many others....but there was only so much time.

Speaking of which, time for a new blog, perhaps later today.