Friday, September 12, 2008

I'll take "Potpourri" for $1,000

Have had one of those weeks when a lot of creative energy has been expended, at the expense of blog time (and reading time, too, my friends). But, I'm catching up again, so here's the round-up, starting with our regular Friday Guest Blogger, Daughter #1:


My sister is scribbling again once more,
This time on the garage floor.
It looks like nothing but lines and dots,
also stripes and swirls and smudges and spots.
Nothing is there but her little chalk whops,
I just can't wait 'til her scribble-age stops!

But wait....

People take scribbling from different views.
What would a scribble look like to you?
Would it look like a castle, a restaurant, a horse?
Would you think: It looks just like a person, of course!
A scribble can look like a million things,
From a bike to a cake to a bird without wings.

So think of a scribble as something else,
and put all those scribbles back on the shelf.

* * *

Here is sister, mixing up her creative cooking of the week--her favorite, sweet potato casserole! It's best after it's cooked, I tell her. But, that doesn't stop her from sampling the dry ingredients and wearing the wet ones! She's never at a loss for vitamin A, though....

* * *

And, in between starting up (did we ever quit this year?) the adult handbell choir, starting up (or giving new birth to?) a new kids music ministry, starting up (again, had I ever left?) meeting with the gals from MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) and starting up (OK, this one is new this year) the PTA newsletter--for online download!--I finally made my niece's birthday present. (Her birthday was at the end of August, which seems like ages ago now.) It's a Family Fun project from a few year's back--a bed pocket.

Family Fun
had a racing design, which, I'm sure, appealed to lots of boys. I just saw the opportunity to reach out to the big-time reading nieces and nephews I've got with a blank canvas that could be filled with their favorite designs. When we visited one of my nieces over the summer, she and D#1 created a special garden in the sandbox. My niece also showed off her beautiful terrarium that she made.

So, I crafted a terrarium for one side of her bed pocket. My Mom had just given me some jars filled with old buttons she wasn't using. Makes perfect "gravel." The other side of the bed pocket has a big, fancy, frilly, girly floral display (
bottom left).

D#1 got her own version for Christmas a couple year's back. Besides being half-girly, half-sporty, she's also big into the Fourth of July and Stars and Stripes Forever (just not the fireworks!) Hers hangs from the top bunk of her bed (
right). Unfortunately, we don't ever see the other side, although I have tried to twist the pocket strap so that the other pocket will open up on the opposite side of the bed on the underside. It's a stretch. Something to consider for the next design.

* * *

Having completed that category, Alex, I'd like "Potable Quotables" for $200.


My ADHD Me said...

OK, Potable Quotables...What is Sue J?....actually that answer would fall under Notable Quotables for $200.

It is clear to see where your daughters get their artistic genes. I tried crafting once many years ago. My creations rated up there with the "cool" new recipe I tried (years ago, that my kids still talk about), of using crushed Corn Flakes as the coating for baked chicken.--let's just say we ordered pizza that night.

Sue J said...

The new version of that calls for Honey Bunches of Oats, and maybe some coconut?

Nope....hasn't popped up on the meal planner since the night I made it.

By the way, how is your Hole-able Abode-able?

On Purpose said...

I LOVE Sweet Potato eat the whole pan myself love!!

Sue J said...

A sweet potato is a very Edible Vegetable. But if you eat too many, you may be a gluttonable unbuttonable!

This is why they call it Jeopardy! (You all are brave to come back to visit....)

Chatty Kelly said...

I'll take Smart Sesquipedalians for $1,000. hahahahahaha! Go get your dictionary.

Glad you're back.

Sue J said...

Since D#1 is now studying Greek roots in conjunction-junction with her spelling words (and, wouldn't you know it, her first root was "ped"!), I knew we were talking about a few feet.

You are a Capable, Lovable Pedicurable!

The Patterson 5 said...

Some of this is way above my head! I love Daughter 1 post her poetry is wonderfully creative and original! I love Daughter 2's cooking mmmm sweet potato casserole! Your bed bag is a great idea and the options for uniqueness are limitless! It looks like you are more than qualified to teach us some sewing techniques!

The Patterson 5 said...

I get it now! It Jeopordy! I mean What is Jeopordy!
It's Friday I am slow on the uptake!

Sue J said...

It's an allowable, forgivable mistake-able, that doesn't leave me irritable or miserable.

I specialize in patchable sewables! You all really need to come for a visit! Is a Lunchable doable?

Chatty Kelly said...

Sesquipedalians: Given to or characterized by the use of long words.

The root word is QUIP. I'm speaking of your big worded blog.

(although I did get a pedicure today.)

Sue J said...

Actually...the first definition for sesquipedalians is "foot and a half"--a quantifiable measurable.

'Quip,' meaning witty or sarcastic remark or reply, comes from the Latin word quippe meaning indeed or forsooth. An "emphatic enclitic."

And with that Double Jeopardy answer, Webster's takes control of the board. Don't worry, Chatty Kelly, we have some lovely parting gifts for you....

Chatty Kelly said...

I demand a rematch! On second thought...what are the lovely parting gifts?

(I could never beat you at Jeopardy. But let me take you on at Name That Tune....)

Sue J said...

$500 worth of Omaha Steaks, a set of Ginsu knives, a year's supply of I Can't Believe It's Not Butter and a tub of Icy Hot.

Goodbye good-buys!